With flights canceled, this Greek college student cycled 48 days to get home

Kleon Papadimitriou was studying at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland when the pandemic hit and flights were shut down, leaving him no way to get home.

So instead he decided to bike about 3,500 km home.

The 20-year-old student’s only previous experience was a race in 2019 and a few weeks of training this year. He also summited Mount Kilimanjaro last year. He began researching what he would need and purchased the right bike for the trek.

His parents agreed only on the condition that he set up an app that would allow them to know where he is 24/7. Papadimitriou also set up an


account to document his journey, which garnered him fans along the way. He also journaled his experiences on the Greek travel site,

EZ Greece.

As for why he chose to bike over another form of transportation, the answer is simple. “I like adventures so when I couldn’t fly home I decided to go by bike,” he told

the Mirror.

View this post on Instagram Genuinely worth the 15km detour. Feeling 11/10

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